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Wyandot History Digital Archive is a non-commercial educational database dedicated to providing access to original source materials--journals, diaries, ledger books, correspondence, postal history, census records, legal documents, treaties, maps, photographs, paintings, drawings and material culture--associated with the Wendat/Wyandot people. While the emphasis is presently on the nineteenth century Wendat/Wyandot experience in Michigan, Ohio, Kansas and Oklahoma, once fully functional the site will expand to include both earlier and later materials of the Wendat/Wyandot/Wyandotte people of the Great Lakes region. Developed in collaboration with members of the Wendat Confederacy, the WHDA will make widely dispersed primary source materials readily accessible to indigenous communities, scholars, researchers, teachers and interested students.

Content is provided by a community of scholars, archivists, genealogists, historians and other interested individuals based upon the principle of open access for the purposes of promoting and enhancing scholarly inquiry into the history of First Nations.

Through the use of guided searches with key word tags and thematic exhibits, users are invited to construct their personal narrative of the Wendat/Wyandot past. They are also encouraged to provide their own perspective on the significance of primary sources through commentaries and the analysis of archived documents.