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"...of flattened section, with a raised panel pierced and tied with beaded pendants, the bowl carved with a human face, wearing a trance-like expression."…

Father, the President of the United States and you fathers now sitting before me, listen! Brothers Shawnese, Delawares, Senecas, and all of our ancient brothers, listen to the few words I have to say. It is a long time since I determined to abandon…

"Thread-sewn using bead colors of pony trader blue, white, pea green, amber, and translucent green; with curvilinear geometrics representing thunderbirds; background of red wool and blue silk, length 6.25 in. x width 6 in.
19th century


" oval silver plate engraved with the same design on both the obverse and reverse. The design shows the arms of the United States and is similar to the design on the reverses of the oval Washington medals. A scroll at the bottom is inscribed…

Greenville, February 26, 1794/
The Quarter Master will issue three gallons and/one pint of Whiskey to the Wyandot Indians at/this place./
[signed] T. Lewis Aid de camp/
3 1/2 Gallons 200 Rations/

Quindaro Company/
This Certifies that [manuscript] Rev. John G. Pratt [end]/is entitled to [manuscript] One [end] Shares [s crossed out], of Ten Lots each, numbered/[manuscript] 59 [end] in the CITY OF QUINDARO, situated on the Wyandott/Reserve, so…

"This map of Quindaro, Kansas Territory also features inset maps of planned railroad routes from New England to K.T. and the "Kanzas Valley". Quindaro was originally a part of Leavenworth County until Wyandotte County was founded in 1859. The town…

Title on object: Wyandotte, Kansas. 286 miles west of St. Louis Mo.
Series title: "Across the Continent on the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division"

[brackets in original]
[Governor St. Clair's Message.]/
To the Half King and the Chiefs of the Wyandots/
I am assured friend/
A. St. Clair. Governor of the Terri-/tory of the United States North West/of the…

War Department/
September 3d 1793/
I am instructed by the President of/ the United States to state to your Excellency, that/
I have the honor to be/
with great respect/
Your obedient servt./
[signed] H. Knox/
Secy at…

To the Chiefs & Warriors of the Wyandot Nation./
[signed] A. St. Clair/
Governour of the Territory/of the United States/North west of the /River Ohio/

[lower left] Fort Harmar/April 30th 1791

War Office January 25 1798/
Be Pleased to deliver to Col. Mentges on order/a sorrel Horse for the Wiandot Chief|Crane|now in this City[.]/
[signed] James W. Henry/
[signed] Samuel Hodgdon/

[lower left]
Mr. John Harris

My dear Children in God; the Wyan[dot]/ of Sandusky./
The bearer will tell you
I am my dear children [...]/ Father in God./
St. Antoine--}/
29th January 1795}/

Edmund Burke/
Vicar Genl of Upper Cana[da]

War Office 23 January 1798/
Be pleased to deliver to Col. Mentges for the use of the/ Wyandot Chiefs and their Interpreter three New Rifles[.]/
[signed] James W. Henry/
[signed] Samuel Hodgdon/

[lower left]
Mr. John Harris

"In his speech to the Commissioners [of the United States], the Wyandot Chief admonishes them that they know very well that the boundary line established by the White People at the Treaty of Fort Stanwix was the Ohio River." Document is partially…

1 [in ink, upper right]
Georgetown/University/ARCHIVES [black stamp, upper left]
COLLEGE ARCHIVES./SHEA COLL./Georgetown University. [purple stamp, upper right]
41.2 [in pencil, upper right]

Huron Chiefs Feb. 5, 1822 [centered]

Before they…

By His Excellency Anthony Wayne, Esquire,/ Major General & Commander in Chief of the/ Legion, and Commissioner Plenipotentiary, of/ the United States of America, for establishing/ a permanent peace with all the Indian tribes/ and nations, North-west…

Uper Sandusky May 8th 1810

His Excellency, Governor Huntington

Dear Sir
Father we the Chiefs and warriors your Children salute you and we take this opportunity to let you know that some of your people have encroached upon our lands and it is…

Mar. 17, 1842 | 11 Stat., 581. | Proclamation Oct. 5, 1842.
John Tyler, President of the United States of America, by John Johnston, formerly agent for Indian affairs, now a citizen of the State ofOhio, commissioner duly authorized and appointed to…

In pursuance of the provisions of a treaty, made and concluded between John A. Bryan, Commisioner on the part of the United States, and William Walker, John Barnett, and Peacock, chiefs and principal men of the…

Walker, William, Jr., House ** (added 1980 - - #80003249)
132-134 S. 4th St., Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County, Ohio

Historic Significance: Event, Person
Historic Person: Walker,William,Jr.
Significant Year: 1830, 1825
Area of…

WYANDOT/NATION/[image of turtle]/W.W.


Following the War of 1812 Fort Ferree on the upper Sandusky River fell into disuse, becoming the temporary home of the William Walker family in 1813 and finally the Wyandot Nation jail until completely dismantled in the 1850s.

Case photograph (daguerreotype) of mixed heritage Wyandot couple.

We are all well here and our Society is still prospering in religion[.] The boys we have dispersed I hope will do well to the good case [cause?] of a bury this moving plan about Indians has retarded our own work much. Much anziety is felt…

Nebraska Territory

Jun 25, '53


Sometime last summer I expressed through your column my disbelief of the statement furnished Col Stone, author of the Life of Brant, that the latter individual was present at St. Clair's…

Map of the State of Ohio Drawn by A. Bourne, Including the Indian Reservation, Purchased and laid out into Counties and Townships in 1820, Drawn by J. Kilbourne.

U. Sandusky 3rd Mos. 27. 1821

Govr. Cass,

I duly received thy letterof the 17th inst. covering the form of a draft

Upr. Sandusky 11th Mo. 11. 1820
Govr. Cass,

I arrived at the seat of this Agency on the 31st Ult. and found that most of the Indians had gone to their hunting Camps,