George Washington Medal, 1793

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George Washington Medal, dated 1793


Two leafless tree trunks and a fir tree shelter an Indian leader wearing a headdress with four feathers. His upper torso is bare save a necklace with a medal around his neck. He smokes a long peace pipe. Curls of smoke rise from his mouth and the pipe bowl. His right arm is extended as if he has just dropped a tomahawk which lies on the ground behind his right foot. To the right President George Washington in a general's uniform and sword extends his hand as if to touch the pipe. Washington's left hand rests on his hip.

A farmer in the background tills a field with a plow and yoke of oxen. A farm house can be seen in the far right distance beneath a rolling hill.

Engraved below in two lines: GEORGE WASHINGTON/PRESIDENT 1793.

Hallmark: Relief JR [Joseph Richardson, Jr., Philadelphia] in incuse square.


Heraldic eagle holding palm branch (in proper right claw) and arrows (in proper left claw). Banner reading E PLURIBUS UNUM in beak. Thirteen stars in field between upraised wings. Band of clouds and rays above.

Shield has thirteen vertical stripes, distinguished by rocker design (wriggling) in place of vertical lines typical for the series.

Physical Dimensions

105 x 149 mm [middle size]


Engraved sheet silver. Attached raised rim around with soldered suspension loop (placed at a right angle to the face of the medal) above.

Location of Original

Atwater Kent Museum, Philadelphia


[1] Francis Paul Prucha, Indian Peace Medals in American History. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2000. Originally published in 1971. P. 88, fig. 36. P. 84, fig. 31.


[1] "This middle size medal by Joseph Richardson, Jr., follows the design of the large medal. The Indian, however, wears only four feathers." [Prucha, Indian Peace Medals in American History, p. 84, fig. 31.]




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