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Submission Guidelines

Wyandot History welcomes submissions of relevant documents for inclusion in the database. Inquiries can be sent through the 'Contact Us' page.

Imaging strategy. Resources archived in Wyandot History take two main forms:

a. Digital scans. These can be accessed directly from Wyandot History or through a link to an institutional hosting site. They will be limited to the following:

[1] Digital scans made from original documents or artifacts.

[2] Digital scans made from microcopies (microfilm or microfiche).

[3] Digital scans made from a photocopy of an original document.

[4] Digital scans made from contemporary publications, such as books, journals, newspapers or broadsides.

[5] Digital scans made from later publications of original documents or artifacts.

b. Transcriptions appear in the Text field of the Document Type Item Metadata. Corrections can be made through the Comments feature.